First Post!

Welcome to my blog, Random Walks.  The name is kind of stupid but it’s a play on a statistics term (or I guess a math term, more generally) but it sounds like it could almost be referring to a baseball term sort of-maybe-ish.  Regardless of what you might think of the name, my intent in name the blog was to reflect my interest in baseball and stats, which is what this blog will be all about (for the most part)!

I spend a lot of time messing around with Fangraphs data, and I occasionally discover something that might be mildly interesting to other people, so I figured I’d blog about those cases, plus a few more.  I have a little bit of advanced training in statistics from when I was working on my Master’s in economics, but I’m not a PhD-holding data scientist by any means.  Still, baseball stats are among my favorite things in the world, so hopefully my insights provide some amount of usefulness to someone who finds this place!