Ranking MLB Organizational Strength by Position

The charts that follow combine each team’s share of 2018 WAR at a given position, with their share of Future Value (FV) at that same position (as determined by the Fangraphs BOARD prospect ratings). The sum of these two shares calculate the relative positional strength at each position, which is how the charts are ordered. So, for example, the Indians have Francisco Lindor and a whole bunch of shortstop prospects. Lindor and friends combined for about 9% of the WAR at shortstop in 2018, and Cleveland’s plethora of SS prospects make up 8% of the future value at SS as well. When we combine the two shares (9%+8%) we get 17% – far and away atop the shortstop position, and well in front of the runner-up Nationals.

This iteration reflects rosters as of 12/10/2018 – so Paul Goldschmidt’s share of WAR is embedded in the Cardinals’ portion of the 1B chart, and Patrick Corbin’s with the Nats. As you can see, a considerable share of 2018 Catcher and 2B WAR is still available on the FA market. I’ll have a longer post where I walk through each of these at some point, but it’s a little difficult at this juncture since they’re changing almost every day – with the M’s and Dbacks both in some kind of tear-down mode, and the bulk of free agents yet to find a team, these charts are far from what they’ll look like on Opening Day.